Thinking of hiring a celebrant? Here is more about what a celebrant is.

If you are hosting a ceremony, you may wonder what role a celebrant will play.  A celebrant is someone who officiates or acts as an official in charge of a religious or civil ceremony or rite.  A celebrant may go by many names including officiant, minister, clergy, priest, reverend, pastor, justice of the peace or even rabbi.

What can ceremonies can a celebrant officiate?

A celebrant may officiate a wide variety of ceremonies such as weddings, civil unions, and vow renewals.  They have even been known to perform pet ceremonies. A celebrant also may officiate more somber occasions such as a funeral.

What to look for when hiring a celebrant

  • Great personality.  A celebrant sets the tone for the whole ceremony.  Find someone you connect with that is an engaging speaker that sets a warm and inviting tone. There is nothing worse than a celebrant boring, drawn out and monotone to put your guests to sleep. 
  • Provides you with an outline of the ceremony to be performed
  • Is open to customizing the ceremony to suit your style.  For instance a wedding celebrant will work with you to personalize the vows, add rituals, readings, music etc. that you select.
  • Willing to share advice and help you personalize the ceremony by adding your personal stories
  • Allow the ability to do a ceremony rehearsal
  • Has a calming presence to make ceremony participants at ease and answer questions
  • Offers premarital counseling if desired.

Advantages of using a celebrant?

One of the advantages of using a celebrant to officiate your ceremony is that they can perform non traditional ceremonies without judgement.  In cases where it’s a non denominational wedding ceremony, a gay marriage or an interfaith ceremony, using a celebrant can bridge the gap and make a ceremony that everyone can feel comfortable with. Plus celebrants offer a lot more flexibility over the style and format of the ceremony.  You will get less regulation over what music is played.  If you want to add a special performance, dance, video in the middle of the ceremony, it’s much more likely it can be incorporated.  Plus, a celebrant can travel and perform a ceremony in an outdoor location. 

How much does a celebrant cost?

If you are wondering how much are wedding officiants, $200-$600.  Expect to pay more for a longer ceremony, a more experienced celebrant, or for travel time. 

Find out more about Chicago celebrant services

celebrantReverend Vito Deperte is a celebrant who officiates weddings, renewal of vows, non denominational weddings, interfaith ceremonies, civil unions, gay marriages, funerals, pet ceremonies and business ceremonies.  He has officiated services in Chicago and throughout the Chicago suburbs.  Call him at 847-414-1274 or learn more about his celebrant services at http://www.reverendvito.com/.

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