Getting Married in Chicago

Finding a Wedding Officiant for Getting Married in Chicago

A long time ago getting married was strictly a matter of the Church and people did not have much choice in regards to who would be their officiant, nor did they really care much. However, these days, things have changed considerably as there are various institutions, or even independent people who can make the marriage official. Making sure that you have selected the right person to marry you and your spouse is of utmost importance when getting married in Chicago, and what follows is a look at some of your options when looking for an officiant.

Using a Justice of the Peace for Getting Married in Chicago

To start things off, you could always take the civil route and get in contact with your county clerk's office in order to receive a marriage license. More precisely, you will be able to find out which local Justices of the Peace are capable of performing wedding ceremonies, and all you will need to do from that point onward is to schedule a meeting with one of them. While you can look for them yourself, it is always good to get a reference from the county clerk's office so as to ensure you will only employ an officiant who is legally certified. Choosing an officiant in this context is quite easy as all you need to do is make a list of the local Justices of the Peace you can visit, and interview their officiants face-to-face until you find the one you need.

Getting Married in Chicago at City Hall

More and more people who are getting married in Chicago prefer to take the City Hall route, mostly because finding someone who is willing to marry you is easier than ever. This is mostly an option for those concerned with speed and expenses, as all you need to do is make an appointment and you will be married. You can rest assured that a marriage happening at City Hall is indeed performed by someone who is licensed, although it should be said that as long as you don't have any real quandaries with your assigned officiant, you won't really be able to pick one yourself. It is guaranteed that you won't have to deal with lengthy sermons or expensive ceremonies. You can get all the information you need by simply getting in touch with the Chicago City Hall either by phone or by visiting them in person.

Choosing a Wedding Officiant for Getting Married in Chicago

getting married in chicagoIf you are getting married in Chicago and are looking for a religious officiant, then chances are that your choice will be pretty easy as it will depend on the house of worship you will turn to. If you don't really have an idea yet, then simply try to determine which denomination is most compatible with your system of belief. After that, contact your local houses of worship and ask them whether or not you are allowed: to personalize the ceremony, to write your own vows, to be married even if you are not members of the house of worship, and if their religion allows a divorced person to marry. You could also personally attend some of the sermons given by the potential officiants and see for yourself whether or not you would want them to direct the ceremony.

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