Non Religious Wedding Ceremony

3 Easy Steps to Planning the Perfect Non Religious Wedding Ceremony

So you've found the love of your life and you are ready to hold each other's hand in marriage, to promise spending a lifetime together. Now who says in order to do that, a traditional religious wedding is must? In fact, statistics show 30% of Americans and over 50% of Europeans are either willing or open to the idea of hosting a non religious wedding ceremony.

Non Religious Wedding Ceremonys Are Perfect for Non Religious People

Perhaps your reason could be because you are not a religious person. Or maybe you simply don't like the idea of following the same old traditions that millions of other couples have. Perhaps you like to be creative and try something new - something more unique and special just for you and your partner.

Non Religious Wedding Ceremonys Are A Fit for Mixed Faith Couples

Also some mixed-faith couples sometimes prefer to have a non-religious wedding ceremony, to respect each other's faith equally. And that is the whole point about weddings. It is all about love, and what comes naturally from your heart.

Three Steps to A Beautiful Non Religious Wedding Ceremony

The good news is, planning your secular modern wedding can be very easy. Here are 3 easy steps and helpful suggestions you can benefit from:

1. Choose your officiant: A friend or a professional?
Since you are planning a non religious wedding ceremony, you no longer need to select a pastor as your officiant. Many couples actually take the pleasure of choosing a friend or family member, which ends up bringing lovely memories at the wedding

2. Wedding location: Where would you like to get married?
It is all up to you. One of the great things about modern non religious wedding ceremonies is the fact that you are no longer bound to sit in a church and run a boring simple ceremony. You now have the amazing wide option of getting married on an exotic beach in Bali, or near a waterfall in Mexico, or even in the backyard garden of your grandmother's lovely house.
I was in Barcelona last summer, and you would be amazed to see how many couples from other parts of Europe or even the States hosted their wedding ceremony there - right on the beach before the sunset. Now we can't really compare that memory with a traditional ceremony in a church, can we?
There is always the chance to turn this special day of your life into something adventurous that everyone will remember for a century. Simply have a talk with your partner and see what are some of the mutual interests you both share. Then you can turn your ceremony into an amazing theme wedding.
A couple told me they had a bungee jumping ceremony, where they said their vows and then after the kiss, they both jumped off a tower together. Now, a bungee jumping ceremony will certainly win a prize among non religious wedding ceremony ideas, don't you think?

3. Write your modern non-religious wedding vows
Since you will be standing in front of your trusted loved ones, you can write your own unique, modern, and non-religious wedding vow. Since you are choosing a secular wedding idea, why not make it perfectly complete with a modern original vow as well?

Non Religious Wedding Ceremonys Are Your Special Day

The key is remembering this is going to be your day. And you whichever kind of ceremony ideas you and your partner enjoy, you deserve to make it happen on your special day. And who knows? Years later, you might have an unconventional memorable story to enjoy sharing with your children.

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Non Religious Wedding Ceremony's That Create Memories You'll Cherish