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Importance of getting the right wedding pastor for the job

Choosing the right wedding pastor is very important. Like all other things and events in the wedding, the pastor plays a key role in making the day memorable and helping the wedding to run smoothly. Modern day weddings have the option of going the religious route or the contemporary route.

Who is a wedding pastor?

In layman terms, he/she is the one who leads a two people into the institution of marriage. If you belong to no particular faith, the obvious route to take is secular. It is easy for someone to take a class and become a licensed minister. This means that you can have a close friend become one, or look for one who is already licensed. It is important to make sure that they are certified to make the wedding legal. A wedding pastor can be of either gender so long as they qualify to be called certified ministers. The pastor is the official in charge of the entire ceremony and the act of legally binding two people in holy matrimony.

How does a wedding pastor work?

Religious ceremonies dictate that you get a pastor who is of a similar faith. They must be ordained by your church/religion as true ministers of your faith. Some people have an easy time getting their desired officiator, while others do not know where to start. The first thing that you should do is to ascertain if the pastor will personally oversee the ceremony, or will they delegate to a staff member of the church. It is common to find that church pastors will insist on pre marital counseling before consenting to carry the ceremony. Other religious faiths are more selective. They will only allow the ceremony to happen if both parties (bride and groom) are members of the church. This might also mean that both have to be active participants of the faith (both must be catholic or Jewish). If you are looking for 'flexibility', it is best to seek wedding pastors from more 'flexible faiths'. The ceremonies that these 'flexible' pastors officiate are not constrained by strict tradition rules that may be in place in the more traditional faiths.

Benefits of a wedding pastor

Ordained ministers are a good option for your marriage ceremony. They bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. They have officiated many weddings thus know what it takes to create a smooth ceremony. They are helpful, friendly, and offer great advice or insight about marriage. Those who prefer to go the county clerk office route are welcomed to do so. Individuals here are given by the state the legal mandate of conducting lawful weddings. The marriage certificates given at the city hall are equally binding and legal (even if it means a less-glamorous, small wedding ceremony).

Finding a wedding pastor who meets your needs

The wedding pastor is a mood setter. He/she gives the weeding tempo and makes sure the two lovers are comfortable and the event memorable. After deciding on what kind of wedding you want, you should seek information on which pastor/officiator will best meet your needs.

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